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30 Popular Job Boards That Will Help You Hire The Most Qualified Candidates

1. Glassdoor

Key Features:

  1. A large pool of potential candidates (55M+ per month)
  2. List your jobs and include detailed descriptions of preferred skills and qualifications. 
  3. Review resumes, send messages to candidates, and schedule interviews to begin recruitment. 
  4. Create an employer brand profile to help candidates learn more about your business and culture. 
  5. You can pay to feature jobs for more visibility.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

Price: Contact for pricing.

Key Features:

  1. A network of over 700 million professionals. 
  2. Your job listings are matched with the most qualified professionals who have noted in their profiles to be open to work and looking for new roles. 
  3. A rating system helps you prioritize who you want to interview. 
  4. Advanced filtering options help you search for candidates with your preferred qualifications, and you can send them a message via InMail.

3. Indeed

Key Features:

  1. 75.4 million users — a large pool of candidates. 
  2. Get matched with best-fit candidates that meet your job specifications. 
  3. Sort candidates to move forward and schedule and conduct interviews within the platform. 
  4. Manage all your job postings for different roles and locations in one dashboard. 
  5. Create a custom company page to build brand identity and help candidates learn more about your company culture. 
  6. Pay for applications that meet your criteria, but you can reject unwanted applications before being charged.

4. Google Job Search

Key Features:

  1. Aggregates job postings from company websites and career pages to share with millions of job seekers. 
  2. Millions of job seekers search for open roles on Google every day. 
  3. Using job post structured data on your career pages ensures your listings are ready to be picked up by Google.

5. ZipRecruiter

Key Features:

  1. Create and list your jobs that are then sent to 100+ job sites. 
  2. Matching technology invites the most qualified candidates to apply to your positions. 
  3. Manage and rate applications by their qualifications. 
  4. Ten million candidates reached each week.

6. Monster

Key Features:

  1. SearchMonster analyzes your job requirements, finds resumes, and ranks and scores qualified candidates based on your specifications. 
  2. Instant notifications when a candidate matches your criteria. 
  3. Jobs are distributed across the monster network, email, and partner sites and reach millions of global visitors per month. 

7. SimplyHired

Key Features:

  1. Post unlimited jobs for free and only pay when you move forward with a candidate.
  2. Candidates answer screening questions to help you learn more about them outside of their resumes. 
  3. Easily review applications, cover letters, and resumes, and obtain contact information from your preferred candidates when you’re ready to move forward. 
  4. Additional tools for hiring and onboarding. 
  5. Jobs are distributed across partner sites for visibility. 

8. Nexxt 

Key Features:

  1. Standard job listing option.
  2. Unique job slot listing model can be continuously updated as your hiring needs change. 
  3. Search for candidates with intelligent filters to focus your results on those with your preferred skills. 
  4. Text2Hire helps instantly connect and communicate with candidates via text. 
  5. Programmatic advertising increases your listings’ exposure in display ads on high-traffic channels like Spotify. 

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